Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture in Northwest Ohio is growing at the speed of “real-time”…Real-Time Kinematics that is, otherwise known as RTK.

Tri-State RTK Network, LLC is a Global Positioning System (GPS), Real-Time Kinematics (RTK) signal transmission network serving the agricultural market in Northwest Ohio, Northeast Indiana, and Southeast Michigan.

Precision farming, using GPS technology has quickly become a common part of production agriculture in various applications. RTK is the most accurate form of GPS technology currently available providing users with one inch repeatable accuracy. Tri-State RTK Network transmits a signal that agricultural operations can subscribe to which will allow their properly equipped tractors, sprayers, and combines to conduct highly detailed precision agriculture operations with sub-inch repeatable accuracy.

More common GPS technology with the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) utilizing light bars for steering guidance provides 6-12 inch accuracy. This is currently used in many chemical spray and fertilizer applications. The RTK level of accuracy allows producers to utilize the greatest degree of precision agriculture accuracy up to auto-steering technology. Common farming practices that would utilize this level include: tillage, planting, spraying and spreading, row cultivating, harvesting, strip-tillage, drip tape placement, bedding, ridging, and listing.

For annual subscriptions available for agricultural producers and agribusinesses, or for more information phone Tri-State RTK Network, LLC at: (419) 274-1017.